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Row of mouths
Row of mouths
Row of mouths

Dream Smile

Veneers offer a permanent solution for discoloured teeth (= tetracycline or fluorosis), gaps, broken teeth, crooked teeth, too small teeth, …

What are veneers?
- 100 % porcelain
- Ultra-thin shells
- Custom-made
- Directly fitted to the front surface of the teeth in one smooth movement
- No pain, no recovery

Gives you a gorgeous, pearly white dream smile in a blink of an eye!

Woman with a dreamsmile

Feel good Glamsmile studio

The Glamsmile studio is a stylish lounge for cosmetic dentistry. The studio cannot be likened to a traditional dental surgery, on the contrary. The Glamsmile studio is a modern and luxurious lounge, where relaxation is the central idea, instead of pain.